Blinky ‘Bill’ O’Malley: Dithyrambs of Dennis

By | 1 December 2010

If I had any ambition
I’d make you a bouillabaisse in the Provençal
in St Marks Square. To create
intimacy in the poem, I turn up
the volume & this piece conforms
to an emergent post-OMGWTFBBQ
cast in acrylic in the Square where
our fingers touch when I hold
your guide while you woe
betide a pickpocket
only then, when you are most orthogonal,
are you most bent
& it’s sweet
my flame-haired
Russian spy, boating
to the rendezvous, hair the colour
of that toxic sludge spill killing fish
(villagers too) & I like you & so say
“like smallmouth bass
in the Potomac
there are three
kinds of poet; male, female &
intersex, to which I’d add two
further dimensions:
living or dead.”

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