Blinky ‘Bill’ O’Malley: F#!* Yeah

By | 1 December 2010

“And man shall be just that for the overman: 

a laughing-stock or a painful embarrassment…” 

— Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra


At the outset, let me just say this:
this poem has Tourette’s — it wanted to be
a swear bear so I let it be — an MA15 poem
[Medium level profanity, mild
nudity] — a Kevin Rudd
of a poem & in it Sergei Bubka says fuck
yeah Steve Hooker’s awesome
as he lines up & GOES
FOR GOLD with his ginger
ringlets & bung knee
with his special pole shipped
through monsoons
to nama-fucken-ste the docks
Hooker pulls up proud,
flushed & elated & post-meet says
if some competitors are Delhi
no-shows that’s a matter
for their conscience, an elite
athlete’s soundbiting way
to say “weak as piss”
respectfully for the news.
Polite people
everywhere (chef de bloody mission
Steve Monaghetti fr example) think (& sometimes
say) if you use cuss words in your work
(& not substitutes eg ‘pish’ or ‘tosh’)
it’s poor language command,
reflects badly on the team 1st, you 2nd, yr
family, yr school, yr nation, & so
the message goes down the shitter.
“Fuck ’em” says this poem & Kevin Rudd
says “ratfuck ’em” which is better
yet. Possibly best. Lolz I overpromised
on the nudity. Apols.

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