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By | 1 December 2010

“… you can’t have art without resistance
in the material.” — William Morris


Ah, don’t feel guilty about
the GM soy in the baby formula—
those activists are arsehats &
breastfeeding zealots & it’s unpiloted
drones dropping in on the reception
we really need to watch out for
& that’s what I like
about you: you’re a mélange
of what Americans do
best: • schools of poetry,
send in the marines & • new
post-consumer waste products 
for xmas.  A twitchy rear
guard we can’t help
but admire—it goes on
somewhat and we emulate
somewhat, & they’re printing
money to make it work (&
we’re digging ore) & that’s
what I like it’s what I like
it’s what I like about you.  Anyway
I’m not saying anything they
won’t later say themselves
so drop by sometime
t-shirt & yr disrupted pattern
camouflage empire
line marrying dress
by Miu-Miu for that fitting
& fee-free photoshoot
we always said we’d have 😉
(camo? why
not! with two under three & one
on the way. srsly.

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