Peter Kirkpatrick

Peter Kirkpatrick has taught across a wide range of English and Australian literature, as well as literary theory, and he is particularly interested in poetry’s use and transformation within popular culture over the last hundred years. Current research projects include The Everyday Life of Poetry in Australia: a history of the public culture/s of poetry, taking in readership, education, performance (elocution), publishing and the mass media, and Sydney Literary Modernism 1890-1970: an exploration of the relationships between modernity, popular culture and "high" literature. He is currently writing a book on literary modernism in Sydney, with chapters on a variety of poets and fiction writers from Henry Lawson to Patrick White. I've published two collections of verse, and am working towards a third.

Introduction to Broede Carmody’s Flat Exit

A first book of poems needs no introduction, being its own forerunner. As a consequence, this note merely states the obvious: that Broede Carmody is a young writer with a great lyrical talent.

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The Sydney Launch of Harkin, Gibson, Loney and Hawke

OBJECT: Australian Design Centre, Thursday 25 June, 2015 I’m pleased to say that I was at the launch of the very first issue of Cordite Poetry Review, way back in 1997. Good heavens, is that eighteen years ago? The journal …

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