The Vegetarian Zombie

By | 1 April 2010

Covered in corn husks
licking tomato pulp from his lips, he growls.
Even the last of the humans

have to laugh, lowering their crowbars
as he attacks crispers, drinking the black juice from dead fridges.

If there were any farmers left, they might get the shotgun
as the vegetarian zombie rips open the heart
of an artichoke.

The undead salad beast, as sweet as a cabbage moth.
His brothers rake through bodies with their fingernails
black mouths and rabbit eyes, picking lives from their teeth.

He tries to blend in, covered in beetroot blood and chilli seeds
gorging on onion skin, apricot flesh, hands of bananas, ears of corn.

Tongue in mango cheek. His skin smooth like tofu
clear eyes and a bright scowl
not the slightest trace of an iron deficiency.

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