Pop Crush (stickypink remix)

By | 10 November 2003

I am in love with pop music.
I don’t want to be,
I’m trying not to think about it,
but at night I see exposed stomachs
glitter red silhouettes dancing
popcorn punk fanta funk.
Sequins spin and lyrics lick kittens.
The mic is a toy
rippling low blue jean dreams
leans and hands clam to memory.
Pop music,
with its cute approach to lust
and its candy heart sweetness,
it’s got me
I go to bed at night humming lyrics and wake up with the tunes spinning
right round baby right round in my head.
I moan NA NA na na na na na na na na….
I dream in lycra and glitter and everyone is wearing lip gloss.
Pop music is like a warm blanket on a cold dancefloor,
its bouncing ball lyrics and tender soft toy drums comfort me.

I’ve tried talking to pop music,
I tell it we really have nothing in common,
that we don’t have the same friends,
we don’t go out to the same places.
But with its blossoming
soft perky pink pant suit porn
and its shimmering smile and catchy chorus I can’t help but be hooked.
I need it, I want it.
I carry around a mini radio in the hope that my sugar lover will appear.
When it does, I smile teenager.
If I hear my pop music coming out of a shop I stop
and pretend to browse mid drift tops and try on sparkling rings.
It plays my heart like a rubber band.
I just snap crackle and pop music.

I expect we will break up soon, I’m already losing friends,
they have started to call me top 40 behind my back.
It has taken over my hips on any dance floor and filled my belly with Disney magic.
Its classically perky and so beautifully obvious, that’s its thing.
Pop music, my secret lover, my clean and
highly commercialized weakness,
I want you so bad
but I must be strong.
I turn over a new leaf
and fill my ears with toilet paper at shopping malls;
I listen to Radio National
so there is no chance of ever running in to you on my stereo.
I hide my diamante tops in high cupboards
and throw away my pink Barbie running shoes.
I am lost without you,
I must admit
that I just cant get you out of my head.

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