The Vegetarian Zombie

he attacks crispers, drinking the black juice from dead fridges.

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Zombie 2.0

We know more about the undead species who have lived in our hearts and dined on our minds than ever before. We have probed into their weaknesses, evaded their tricks and know well of their canny (and uncanny) chicanery. We know these things … because they were once like us. Let us not rest on our laurels. Let us be vigilant and as ready as we can be for the uneasy future that is Zombie 2.0.

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Kieran Mangan ‘survives’ ‘Undead’ …

…what the Brothers Spierigs give us is exactly what we got (and loved) with Peter Jackson's Bad Taste. In fact, Undead is even technically a notch up from Jackson's work. I guess this Spierig/Jackson comparison is inevitable. How could you not do so if you make a super-solid and funny zombie flick in these great Southern parts of the world?

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Robert Merkin: "Draft Dodgers & Veterans"

A friend of mine, a math professor, has shown me a paper from around 1995 which shows that the Vietnam birthday lottery draft was fundamentally misdesigned, favoring some birthdays, making others significantly more dangerous. I find the implications of that — well, I don't know how I find them.

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Robert Merkin: "Returning, We Hear the Larks"

A lot of literature, unfortunately, tends to heap unique, exquisite beauty and virtue on Dying Young; impressionable young readers are encouraged to think they are missing something, and have failed Truth and Beauty somehow, if they reach age 30 with all their limbs.

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Robert Merkin: "On Thomas Pynchon & Mass Hypnosis"

There's a lot of popular (and insightful) American fiction and screenwriting beginning in the '50s that plays around with this living-death lifestyle of mass hypnosis.

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Robert Merkin: "As a little introduction to me and zombies"

As a little introduction to me and zombies, my head has always been filled with popular music, novelty songs of the moment, and one of them that had always stuck with me, from around 1960, was an American version of a Trinidadian Calypso song called “Zombie Jamboree” (or “Back to Back”) was written by Conrad Eugene Mauge, Jr, who performed as Lord Invader.

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