Will Day: Richard Frankland’s Charcoal Club / My Deconstruction Fatigue

What came home to me during the Charcoal Club was that regardless of my tribe's on-going conscious or unconscious genocide, the generous indigenous spirit was coming to get me whether I liked it or not, was infiltrating me bit by bit because, like the indigenous Australians I too had been up-rooted, bleached and taken for a fool.

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Louise Swinn: Maybe We’re Just Not Angry Enough

Def Poetry Jam 13th January 2004 Metro Theatre, Sydney Considering Melbourne has, arguably, the most active and vibrant spoken word and hip-hop scene in Australia, it's a real pity that this show didn't come further down south. I attend quite …

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Kieran Mangan ‘survives’ ‘Undead’ …

…what the Brothers Spierigs give us is exactly what we got (and loved) with Peter Jackson's Bad Taste. In fact, Undead is even technically a notch up from Jackson's work. I guess this Spierig/Jackson comparison is inevitable. How could you not do so if you make a super-solid and funny zombie flick in these great Southern parts of the world?

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Timothy Yu casts his eye over Cordite #10!

In an effort to get at least one person to critically appraise our magazine, we asked Stanford-based academic and poet Timothy Yu to review Cordite 10: Location Asia-Australia. And before you ask, of course he wasn't paid for it.

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Alison Arnold summarises the launch of GDS19

Going Down Swinging survived the worst excesses of the 1980s and 1990s to arrive in 2001 alive and kicking. As befitting its reputation as a Melbourne underground institution, the Old Colonial Hotel on Brunswick Street was packed with writer types …

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Brook Emery: A Tribute to Bruce Beaver

Bruce Beaver Tribute Burning Lines Poetry Festival April 2001 Sydney, Australia A tribute to Bruce Beaver was held as part of Burning Lines: The Australian Poetry Festival, at the Balmain Town Hall. I don't know Bruce well. We've exchanged maybe …

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