Richard Frankland

Richard Frankland’s Charcoal Club

Part of my homework for singing class was to go to a live gig. I didn't know much about Frankland, I hadn't known he was standing for the Senate until I went to vote. He has a powerful voice and his band of six (including a drummer who doubled as a eucalyptus branch shaker) played songs that veered from country to funky, interspersed with Frankland's state-of-things discourse.

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Will Day: Richard Frankland’s Charcoal Club / My Deconstruction Fatigue

What came home to me during the Charcoal Club was that regardless of my tribe's on-going conscious or unconscious genocide, the generous indigenous spirit was coming to get me whether I liked it or not, was infiltrating me bit by bit because, like the indigenous Australians I too had been up-rooted, bleached and taken for a fool.

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