Timothy Yu casts his eye over Cordite #10!

In an effort to get at least one person to critically appraise our magazine, we asked Stanford-based academic and poet Timothy Yu to review Cordite 10: Location Asia-Australia. And before you ask, of course he wasn't paid for it.

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Q&A with Natasha Cho

The tape of Paul Mitchell's first interview with Natasha Cho was tragically stolen one hot day in January. The question was: could they come up with the goods a second time via e-mail?

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Taipei Breathing

For 14 days over Christmas 2001-2, I spent time with friends in Taipei, capital city of Taiwan. These are some brief impressions of my time there. Quotes are from work in progress.

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Gus Gollings: A Note on Asian Scripts

The QWERTY keyboard has come into widespread use all over the world. It is based on the modern Latin alphabet, and it obviously does not directly support the input of the tens of thousands of ideographs from Chinese, Japanese and …

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Location Asia-Australia

Well, we've finally reached double figures. Welcome to the tenth issue of Cordite, and our fifth issue online. By the time you read this, our site counter will have ticked over 8,000 page impressions. This may sound like small change …

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