Bruce Beaver

‘Crazed recuperant earthling’: The Use of Humour to Portray Psychosis in Three Australian Poems

The word ‘psychosis’ is derived from Greek, and etymologically means ‘life of the spirit’, or ‘to give animation to soul and mind’. This sense of ‘life’ or ‘animation’ has manifested through literatures of madness in a plethora of movements and forms. We’ve had the comically deluded protagonist of Don Quixote; the lunatic fool on the Renaissance stage; the manic villain in the superhero film; and, in the contemporary Australian context, caricatures of madness in films such as Cosi and Mental.

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Brook Emery: A Tribute to Bruce Beaver

Bruce Beaver Tribute Burning Lines Poetry Festival April 2001 Sydney, Australia A tribute to Bruce Beaver was held as part of Burning Lines: The Australian Poetry Festival, at the Balmain Town Hall. I don't know Bruce well. We've exchanged maybe …

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