Amy Hilhorst

Amy Hilhorst

About Amy Hilhorst

Amy Hilhorst is a PhD candidate at the University of Western Australia, researching poetic depictions of mental illness in the work of Francis Webb, Bruce Beaver and Michael Dransfield. Her poetry and criticism has appeared in Writ Poetry Review, Rochford Street Review, Trove and Westerly.


Anna Attinga Frafra

the gentle assonance of her name is there in her castdown gaze, every repetition chiming its muted, minor key. She looks at something outside the frame, but does she see it? Perhaps her vision’s reigned by the thousand a’s—amongst other …

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Playing with Light and Dark: Amy Hilhorst Interviews David McCooey

David McCooey is a prize-winning poet and critic. His latest book of poems, Star Struck, was published by UWA Publishing in October 2016. His previous collection of poems, Outside (2011), was shortlisted for the Queensland Literary Awards, and was a finalist for the 2012 Melbourne Prize for Literature’s ‘Best Writing Award’.

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‘Crazed recuperant earthling’: The Use of Humour to Portray Psychosis in Three Australian Poems

The word ‘psychosis’ is derived from Greek, and etymologically means ‘life of the spirit’, or ‘to give animation to soul and mind’. This sense of ‘life’ or ‘animation’ has manifested through literatures of madness in a plethora of movements and forms. We’ve had the comically deluded protagonist of Don Quixote; the lunatic fool on the Renaissance stage; the manic villain in the superhero film; and, in the contemporary Australian context, caricatures of madness in films such as Cosi and Mental.

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