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You Are Here: Canberra, March 2012

I lived in Canberra for five years. It rocked. But it is very true that Canberra’s literary credentials do not make themselves readily known to casual visitors. Used in the short, Canberra is more commonly code for a kind of …

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Louise Swinn: Maybe We’re Just Not Angry Enough

Def Poetry Jam 13th January 2004 Metro Theatre, Sydney Considering Melbourne has, arguably, the most active and vibrant spoken word and hip-hop scene in Australia, it's a real pity that this show didn't come further down south. I attend quite …

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Tiara Lowndes vs Tug Dumbly

He ranted and raved. He was fabulous. Ranted and raved and spat and shouted for 20 minutes and grew and grew until he was Alice in Wonderland after she drank the bottle (add a little bit of stubble) and he …

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