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Submission to Cordite 115: SPACE

What defines space? What are our responsibilities within these boundaries? How do we navigate our surroundings? What are the foundational constructs of our spaces?

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Introduction to Alicia Sometimes’s Stellar Atmospheres

I feel a sense of delight at the idea of an artist surreptitiously working in a science lab. There is something mischievous, rambunctious, even anarchistic about it. The idea of intervention.

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Sagittarius A*

Event Horizon Telescope, May 12, 2022 how we always wanted to know what was at the centre of it all a sense of generational longing only cured by operatic narrative supermassive black hole shadow glowing ring with cavity puncture from …

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Radio Laneways and the Melbourne Sound

It’s a beautiful thing to know what came before. Who walked the laneways ahead of you, smoothed any paths that might have otherwise been jarring, who stood up so you could sit down.

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My Father’s House

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one sip away from the verse

alicia sometimes co-edits Going Down Swinging.


movements [in music]

alicia sometimes co-edits Going Down Swinging.


International Date Lines

alicia sometimes really likes the thump of a bass. She had a brief stint as a rock girl in the mid nineties in a surfie, hula-hoop, grunge band. She is a poet who still loves to be surrounded by music, performing her work many, many times on stage, train and automobile. alicia also loves numbers.

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AJ Weberman & the Trashcan

in 1971 on MacDougal Street New York a 25 year old           unkempt with wispy hair shouted out the front of Bob Dylan's house: FREE BOB DYLAN! members of a group called DLF           (Dylan Liberation Front) were upset that Bob was …

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