movements [in music]

By | 27 June 2005

All my concerts had no sounds in them;
they were completely silent. People had to make up
their own music in their minds!
                               Yoko Ono

the mathematician's signature
on note shaping: an audiograph

Debussy's canvas chords, Bart?õk's
construction of a swimming cul-de-sac

SchÀÜnberg expressing the mind &
Malipiero with intuition & sanctum
           Who Knows Where The Time Goes?
                    Fairport Convention]

each melody an epiphany, pu shih
provoking excursions in the past
        [96 Tears, ? & the Mysterians]

partnerships: the tempo & metre
an emotional archaeological dig
      [Sin City, Gram Parsons]

the time you slipped on oil
& couldn't walk for weeks
               [Rumble, Link Wray]

when you couldn't find the words
to kiss him & the night was Miro
            [I'll Keep It With Mine, Bob Dylan]

those evenings when you wondered what life
would be if you were something else
           [Let It All Hang Out, The Hombres]

finding out someone was not telling you
everything & somehow you let it slide
                [Over and Over, Neil Young]

that moment when you ended everything
with a painted sign, maroon cherries & a mixed tape
       [So Long Babe, Lee Hazelwood]

soon: when all things = cut sounds of new
& you, you selling your past
lump sum in second-hand stores

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