International Date Lines

By | 16 May 2003

the first: watashiwa piano

mizue takada on the walkman. my japanese
is like fractured helium. i'm wearing paradise

pink bobbles in my folded hair. my fingers are
origami swans. i shuffle my nerves to the corners

of my mouth. he is coming closer. we talk nicknames
& canasta & pizza. he walks into my kiss. then he says:

wanna play 'go' sometime? i could kick your
blossom bottom.

the second: dadra

eating subji on the train. a sitar as purple as dad's.
the pineapple sunset is scraped with morning red.

you always wanted the trip of a lifetime. this scene
was just the ticket. as we share bad wine you lean in.

pulling out a fantale & a pink handkerchief you swear.
then: hey baby, was this the way you pictured it?

the third: before Nirvana

        banana clips. balloon shoes. baggies.
baroque. batwing blouses. big bangs. bicycle shorts.
        bermuda shorts. bolero jacket. bubble gum jeans. bows.
bra shirts. bullet belts & bandanas.

this is the backdrop for a bad night. bowled over
by the eighties. you have a solid navy top.

i hate the way you always smack my mum on the ass
& then talk to me about commitment.

the fourth: during the Dirty Three

we made out like punk music & stared at each other
like alt country. you were severe in every brush stroke.

all that alcohol & loopy band behaviour. i loved your
hook & kink but couldn't stand the love quotes from

random books. we held hands during jim's drums.
i cringed when you said: this is the theme to my sadness.

the fifth: after Charles Mingus II B.S.

'Often when I'm sitting at the piano , developing a piece,
it's difficult to put a label on the particular feeling I have going.'
        Charles Mingus

smashmouth bittenbabe. this was the chase. you
were tenor to my sax. just when the shuffle started

you said: i'm moving to spain. i like the weather
& the women. i couldn't think of the words.

how do you say go ahead in spanish &
shit in a calm voice.

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