AJ Weberman & the Trashcan

By | 24 September 2002

in 1971
on MacDougal Street
New York
a 25 year old
          unkempt with wispy hair
shouted out the front
of Bob Dylan's house:


members of a group called DLF
          (Dylan Liberation Front)
were upset that Bob
was too apathetic & rich.
they were amazed
that he had furniture
electric lamps & a bed
for sleep. (not just to write protest
songs on).

according to a friend of Dylan
AJ Weberman was
the kind of person
“if you saw on a subway you would
change seats”
he went through Dylan's rubbish & was
known to be the first garbologist
in pop history.

Dylan chased him &
punched him in the face &
“what can you tell about me
from leftovers?”

i want AJ Weberman to come
& study my bins
he'd find soy cartons, too much pasta & a quotation

from the lips of Christopher Walken on TV
“i got a fever & the only prescription is
more cowbells.”
weird but trashy.

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