Sagittarius A*

By | 15 May 2023

Event Horizon Telescope, May 12, 2022

how we always wanted to know
what was at the centre of it all

a sense of generational longing
only cured by operatic narrative

supermassive black hole shadow
glowing ring with cavity puncture

from far: brooding, slumberous
closer: orange-red smouldering

fast spinning silhouette wreath
devouring infalling surrounds

gas, debris swirling its perimeter
as stars slingshot around the rim

the interstices between itself
and those who view back home

an undressing blur of wonder
four million times that of our sun

synced observatories, collaboration
how we come together, uncovering

an image, years in lucid construction
calculations unveiling visions of data

core of our Milky Way hub singing
as we assemble the transit of notes

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