Cordite 37.1: Nebraska is now online

Released in conjunction with the Cordite-Prairie Schooner co-feature, Cordite 37.1: Nebraska is a tribute to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska album, presented by Sean M. Whelan and Liner Notes. Contributors include Neil Boyack, Josephine Rowe, Omar Musa, Gabriel Piras, Samuel Wagan Watson, …

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Liner Notes: Nebraska

Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska album was released thirty years ago, in 1982. Twenty-four years after that iconic moment in the history of urban American folk, Liner Notes debuted at the 2006 Melbourne Fringe Festival with a spoken word tribute to David …

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My Father’s House

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Batter (State Trooper)

In the Wee Wee Hours You loved to shock. You always said what was on your mind, even if it upset people. You loved upsetting people with the truth – that was your reason for being. I always liked that …

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Fade away … (Highway Patrolman)

We’re sworn by blood and how blood trickles away … one brother went to the middle east, another to track his own isolated sovereignty while I am just bound to stay … The night’s silence jars my joints; an owl …

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A Record of Our Trip (Nebraska)

There was wind between the clouds and the earth when we argued on the beach an easterly cloud darkened day that whined past our ear holes and picked up the sand that covered our ice creams our teeth whipped the …

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Coming soon: Cordite-Prairie Schooner Fusion!

Cordite is very excited to be involved in US journal Prairie Schooner’s Fusion series; in fact, we’re the first cab off the rank, with a special WORK co-feature due online in February 2012. The feature will include fifteen poems from …

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