Eric Yoshiaki Dando

Eric Yoshiaki Dando was born in Tokyo in 1970, but now lives in Daylesford in central Victoria. He is best known for his cult classic novel Snail (Penguin, 1996). He has had stories and cartoons and poems published here and there. His is currently writing his third novel called Beautiful Useful Things, a graphic novel about teaching gardening to people on parole.

Echinacea/Youth in Asia/Euthanasia

Echinacea When I first moved out of home I lived in a share house with a lot of interesting people. After a while I cultivated a very itchy rash on my wrist, which spread to my armpit. I also had …

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Fat Like Michael Jackson

i caught the number 11 tram and saw robert dickens he told me about when adrian rawlins came around and ate two whole chickens bored robert to the bone ate him out of house and home ‘that statue of him …

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Mick Smith

mick smith shits in rivers pisses in letterboxes did one on the sunshine coast did one in albert park shoots skyrockets into chinese restaurants from cars got arrested for stealing salt n pepper shakers had confessed to it got locked …

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Batter (State Trooper)

In the Wee Wee Hours You loved to shock. You always said what was on your mind, even if it upset people. You loved upsetting people with the truth – that was your reason for being. I always liked that …

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all the cats and blind puppies

all the cats and blind puppies who thought they were tragic went out gagging on ropes, burned beyond recognition wrapped in plastic some of them died accidentally in traffic most of my drug buddies                      are coming close to spastic …

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she's so fast it burns up my sandals the sun hits the glass like a million billion candles twisted frosted insect lady and the sun melts the plastic clean from my handles

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tap dancing vaudevillians gypsy wagoned in crop circles decked out with thumpers and tweeters and sub-woofers pumping out the hits of the 70s snake charming smoke signals through the windows of combi vans staging puppet shows for the community come …

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