Sean M. Whelan

Sean M Whelan is a poet, playwright, DJ, marriage celebrant and podcaster. His two books of poetry are Love is the New Hate and Tattooing the Surface of the Moon. In 2018 he began a weekly creative writing themed podcast called More Than A Whelan.

I Can’t Believe I Set Myself on Fire for This

Out on the perimeter of my bed their eyes glow in the dark. I tried tracing the lines between them once, like staring into the starry night to read the horoscope of my horror. But they never stay still long …

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Liner Notes: Nebraska

Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska album was released thirty years ago, in 1982. Twenty-four years after that iconic moment in the history of urban American folk, Liner Notes debuted at the 2006 Melbourne Fringe Festival with a spoken word tribute to David …

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Dream Machines

[audio:|titles=Dream Machines – Sean M Whelan & Isnod] Dream Machines (4:25) Written and produced by Sean M Whelan & Isnod

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The Laugh Track of Their Sloppy Fists

[audio:] The Laugh Track of Their Sloppy Fists (1:01)

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A Ghost In The Golden Sheep Massage Parlour

[audio: Ghost In The Golden Sheep Massage Parlour.mp3] Sean M Whelan & The Interim Lovers A Ghost In The Golden Sheep Massage Parlour

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Waiting for Fire

She's out again, crushing rocks with her eyelids. While you attach tennis raquets to your back and call them wings. She's turning cars over in the street and scraping out their guts with her bare hands, hoping to find a …

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