Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Siobhan Hodge Reviews Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry

Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetrypresents a compelling cross-section of feminist voices, experiences and engagements in Australia, picking up from where Kate Jenning’s 1975 feminist anthology Mother, I’m Rooted: An Anthology of Australian Women Poets left off.

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Traces 6: Quality time

I spent quality time after her memorial reinventing banalities. The absoluteness of her being here, then ™Photoshopped out. What is it that anyone remembers? Most of the speakers were not and could not be eloquent. Everyone nibbled at the borders …

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Comics Poetry: The Art of the Possible

‘MUSIC OF SHAPE’ | from, HOW TO BE EVERYWHERE, 2007 | Warren Craghead III | pencil on archival paper In 1979, Cecilia Vicuña (Chilean poet, activist and artist) tied a red string around a glass of milk and spilled it …

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Excerpts from Graphic Novella

What vision? This thought breaks the borders of the book by an interior implosion. It is impossible, really, to go anywhere, as there are some places that you cannot imagine. Still trying out of the loss, forgotten, obscured, for one …

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Justin Clemens Reviews Poetry and the Trace

Poetry and the TraceSometimes irritating, often informative, occasionally incisive and sporadically genuinely interrogatory, the thoughtfulness evinced by (many of) the writings collected in Poetry and the Trace triggers further chains of association and dissociation. This is a genuinely critical collection in various senses of that word: at once analytic, hortatory, and urgent.

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Rachel Blau DuPlessis and Abstract Morality In Post-Avant Poetry

“Post-avant” poetry is widely considered to be an important branch of the post-modern tree. Yet, a distinction exists between post-avant & “po-mo” in other genres & art-forms.

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