Owen Bullock

Owen Bullock Reviews Alan Loney

The publication of these notebooks completes the series that begins with Sidetracks – Notebooks 1976-1991 (Auckland University Press, 1998) and ends with Crankhandle – Notebooks November 2010-June 2012 (Cordite Books, 2015), the latter winning the Victoria Premier’s Literary Award for Poetry 2016.

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Owen Bullock Reviews Murray Edmond

Murray Edmond is a New Zealand poet of long-standing achievement. He published the first of twelve previous collections, Entering the Eye, way back in 1973 with Caveman Press; the most recent was Three Travels (Holloway Press, 2012). He is a dramaturge, with a career ranging from the experimental Red Mole Theatre Company to the present Indian Ink Theatre Company.

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live through

a pottery angel rises from the mantelpiece to the gallus energy of new morning the entelechy of words works through sleep, we dream repeats, we have all the time in the world to design cities weed vegetable beds watch pittosporum …

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