Craig Santos Perez

During Your Lifetime

for Grandma Perez (1922-2018) In your backyard, you planted papaya, mango, breadfruit, coconut, guava, and banana trees long before I was born. After harvest, we walked around the village, delivering a share to every neighbor. When we returned, you told …

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Owen Bullock Reviews A Transpacific Poetics

Lisa Samuels’s introductory essay, ‘What Do We Mean When We Say Transpacific’, begins with a quotation from Pam Brown that is particularly well-chosen for this volume. Brown claims that the ‘authentic’ pertains to someone who isn’t manipulated or being alienated from their context. There’s a good deal in this book about alienation relating to identity and culture; many of the authors have had to fight to preserve authenticity.

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from understory

for my wife and our unborn daughter [håga] ~ We cannot think of a time that is oceanless Or of an ocean not littered with wastage —T.S. Eliot from ‘The Dry Salvages’ ~ [she] is drinking a glass of filtered …

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ginen sounding lines

~ “Curiously, there are no known migration legends in Chamorro lore …”                               —Robert Tenorio Torres                               from Pre-Contact Marianas Folklore, Legends, and Literature ~ when it is 2 pm here, it is 8 am the next day there— to mark the …

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ginen tidelands

~ “The fallen Latte is the sign. It is from within the row of Latte that we feel our strength. It is the severred capstone that gives us Their message, ‘Ti monhayon I che’cho.’ We will not rest until the …

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