Zero and π

By | 1 November 2017

Zero and rr are linked in my mind.
Both are beyond “theoretical”
right straight into “odd.”

Plethora right straight into
cornucopias of unrepeating numbers
and the absolute empty, yet something.

Something that is
a total mystery of fullness
and of nothing-which is also something.

Meantime strabismus,
that quirky crick of sight,
connects to strophe, strobe and streamer.

Remember the crepe paper swirls,
fast, bright,
authoritative circles of color?

To make a circle or a “zero,”
you attached the crepe paper length
to an old key, and swung it round and round.

It was a key that no one knew from nothing,
a key you found in the junk drawer,
with rubber bands, blunted pencils,

wads of Green Stamps,
dusty tape–
the irrational keep,

and, key attached, you took the streamer,
you the center, circling a radiant diameter
with your radius-arm.

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