Tamryn Bennett

Tamryn Bennett is a poet and Artistic Director of Red Room Poetry living on Dharawal land. She has founded a number of poetic projects including Poetry Month and Poem Forest. Her two poetry collections are Icaros (Vagabond Press) and phosphene (Rabbit Poetry). She is also editor of A Line in the Sand: 20 Years of Red Room Poetry (Pantera Press) and Líneas en tierra / Lines in land— a bilingual collection of Mexican poetry (Australian Poetry). Tamryn collaborates with many artists and her poetic projects have been exhibited and published widely in Australia and internationally including with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Kennedy Centre, USA.

La cuna

Mother has no baby all the rocks are hollow fears hushed to sleep black and still as sonogram Heartbeat an echo, smoke between the boles clothes burned, photos buried, we feed holes in the ground. Mother nurses herself, finds the …

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2019 Val Vallis Poetry Award Winner

Damen O’Brien is the winner and the runner up to the 2019 Val Vallis Poetry Award, managed by our longtime partner, Queensland Poetry Festival.

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Tamryn Bennett Reviews Paul Carter

If Paul Carter’s debut collection opened with a dedication, perhaps it would read, ‘For the gaps in history and those that have tried to fill them.’ Threaded with Carter’s critical work on the palimpsest of public spaces, Ecstacies And Elegies creates a fabric of human traces that patches the holes in our histories. From myth and exile, to design ecology and radio static, Carter’s poetics is archaeological, piecing together the hidden maps and inventories of existence

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Comics Poetry: The Art of the Possible

‘MUSIC OF SHAPE’ | from, HOW TO BE EVERYWHERE, 2007 | Warren Craghead III | pencil on archival paper In 1979, Cecilia Vicuña (Chilean poet, activist and artist) tied a red string around a glass of milk and spilled it …

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The Sun | Beneath the Cathedral

The Sun we make ourselves stories bright as fire from teeth and stone and feather * ‘in all poetry a word is like a sun’ – ernest fenollosa * it starts with sound a seed a stone cast into carbon …

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Review Short: Valerie Volk’s Passion Play: The Oberammergau Tales

Invoking Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, in structure and with a ‘motley crew’ of pilgrims, Volk’s Passion Play: The Oberammergau Tales assembles a cross-section of modern society cloaked in secrecy and scepticism. Where Chaucer’s travellers are drawn together by a story-telling competition, Volk’s pilgrims are united by a four-day bus tour to the German town of Oberammergau for the ritual of the Passion Play.

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