Yvette Holt

2019 Val Vallis Poetry Award Winner

Damen O’Brien is the winner and the runner up to the 2019 Val Vallis Poetry Award, managed by our longtime partner, Queensland Poetry Festival.

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Carnage, Crosses and Curiosity: 13 Images by Yvette Holt

Over the course of her outback chapters, spanning close to a decennial, I have taken over 56,000 photographs covering some 500,000 square kilometres since immersing into the greater desert regions of Central Australia.

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Growing up all I ever really wanted in life was to be one of the following three characters – if not all of them… super woman spider woman bat woman I could never aspire to becoming a “cat-woman” as I …

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Bridie McCarthy Reviews Yvette Holt, Javant Biarujia and Martin Harrison

To read these three recently published collections of Australian poetry is to appreciate the breadth of the field, the many different modes employed within it, and the individuality of its practitioners. Radically divergent in their interests, these poets nonetheless share a strong undercurrent of compassion in their work, even though it finds varying forms of expression.

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