Yvette Holt

Brisbane-born, Yvette Henry Holt heralds from the Yiman, Wakaman and Bidjara Nations’ of Queensland. An award-winning poet, academic, serial photographer, habitual hiker and desert-dweller, her career has encompassed the bibliography of Australian Indigenous literature, more emphatically Aboriginal poetry including editing, lecturer, facilitator of national workshops, mentoring, researcher and Director of the National Indigenous Writers and Education Conferences. The offering of this collection is the unravelling of bold, capacious and didactic framed insertions from the many remote communities and townships where Yvette has travelled, lived, and worked. This is her first published submission of her photographic journal titled poeTic aRt attACK.

2019 Val Vallis Poetry Award Winner

Damen O’Brien is the winner and the runner up to the 2019 Val Vallis Poetry Award, managed by our longtime partner, Queensland Poetry Festival.

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Carnage, Crosses and Curiosity: 13 Images by Yvette Holt

Over the course of her outback chapters, spanning close to a decennial, I have taken over 56,000 photographs covering some 500,000 square kilometres since immersing into the greater desert regions of Central Australia.

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Growing up all I ever really wanted in life was to be one of the following three characters – if not all of them… super woman spider woman bat woman I could never aspire to becoming a “cat-woman” as I …

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