Damen O'Brien

Damen O'Brien is a Queensland poet. His poetry awards include the Peter Porter Poetry Prize, the Gwen Harwood Poetry Prize, the New Guard Knightville Poetry Competition, the Yeats Poetry Prize and the KSP Poetry Award. He has been a finalist in many others. Damen has published in journals including Mascara, Verity La, Stylus Lit, Rabbit and Island.

Logical Fallacies of Alien

generalisation Ripley’s first failure was one of generalisation: that one alien’s elemental viciousness could be ascribed to all. gambler’s fallacy that the late acid savagery of subsequent samples was similarly brutal proved nothing. Repeatedly. divine fallacy the Giger-counter leap at …

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What We Know About Her

the price of freedom is eternal vigilance – Thomas Jefferson What we know about her is what she gives us freely of her own will, one click wrap privacy policy at a time, swiping across the slate of her life. …

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The Land Becomes A Story I Can Tell

Walking home in the unsteady night fragrant with stars, we stepped through fig mush and the sand wrack of yesterday’s high tide, arguing with the beach and maybe we pierced noisily through someone’s story, webbed ragged in this Quondamooka country, …

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The sand hangs in a suspended glaze in Abu Dhabi: a silicon horizon, washing down the sky in glaring white. Moted in it, the falcons spiral on dune thermals and salt thermals, and circling higher, the 737s scrape north. The …

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The Trilobite’s eyes were chipped calcite marvels that had a million years of ocular dominance and then vanished in a blink. Before the plexus of nerves, there were first lapidary conjunctions of a thousand eyes, polished and re-faceted to new …

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