Sophia Walsh

Before You Go

The other night I had a dream about Esther being loved-up at a party with her ex. When I woke in the middle of night I thought something like life is a window through which I look which I thought …

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2022 Queensland Poetry Val Vallis Award Winners

Introducing the 2022 Queensland Poetry Val Vallis Prize winners.

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I attend the girlies night at Wet on Wellington for research purposes. Mimi comes with me because she supports me, and has a thing for watching people be intimate in 25m lap pools. We avoid the video lounges because we’ve …

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To a Year

Reach into my pot. Turn your fingers sticky. Eviscerate my uterus and gouge out my ovaries. Shove it up me. Remove the wet gel and just put it in. Show me my insides on the big screen. Open my gown. …

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