Dan Hogan

Everything will be okay for your landlord

You are what you eat so if you see me munging on a hypertrophied human arm in the wee hours behind a sand dune, no you didn’t. Excuse me while I shimmy into something a little less knowable. Speaking of …

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Introduction to Dan Hogan’s Secret Third Thing

What characterises Dan Hogan’s poetry is the way that, each time we come close to fully apprehending the impending collapse of capitalism, we are waylaid by something more urgent and mundane: groceries, emails, calls to Centrelink, traffic jams on the way home from work.

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Moon is flat World is made of cheese Would you set fire to a Wellbeing Week Pizza just to see if it shrieks? (spoiler: it screams) We put all our victories and defeats in a basket attached to a hot …

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2022 Queensland Poetry Val Vallis Award Winners

Introducing the 2022 Queensland Poetry Val Vallis Prize winners.

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If dolphins could fly as good as they swim we’d experience things like dolphin shadows whenever we went to the ground to resolve our undone shoelaces. This absence, too, is a shape they don’t teach you at business school. You …

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1. mia (reverse centaur) walks backward into a fire station eats most of a curtain and all of two moths that got in the way 2. foiseach (one-toed, hoofed) bolts face first through a pizza hut window (ouch) dies from …

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2021 Queensland Poetry Val Vallis Award Winners

Rich in imagery that is both vividly real and subtly symbolic, ‘Cicadas’ is a lyrical meditation on mortality, transformation and sustenance.

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Paradise Integrity (/) (°,,°) (/)

just remembered the neoprene pencil case i had in year 8 that said ‘i’d rather be surfing’ & i added ‘… the net’ in liquid paper to which a fellow teen hmu w/   you still like the beach tho …

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