By | 1 September 2022

If dolphins could fly as good as they swim
we’d experience things like dolphin shadows
whenever we went to the ground to resolve
our undone shoelaces. This absence, too, is
a shape they don’t teach you at business school.
You ever kick it with a dolphin’s shadow? The thing
emotes homologous to the first time you witnessed
your smartphone screen shatter. The thing emotes
homologous to the titillation aroused by editing the
Wikipedia page for ‘ventriloquism’. In the darkness
I thought it was a corner but it was a sex joke about
two walls coming together. Getting closer I thought
cat or ghost, for sure. Strike me down. Shone my
phone and it was a bugle announcing the invention
of flavoured milk(!) I went to school with a kid who
lied to me about dolphins. Said exercise such as
running would cause my brain to release
dolphins. I was working my first job before
I realised he’d mistaken dolphins for endorphins.
Going to tell my grandchildren this was inconsolable
intrigue. Nondescript respite. Nature itself. Ego inquiry.
Selective abstraction. Unmanned nonsense. Sweet
menace. Misfired association. Cathexis. Honey.
Fuck honey. Honey is the reason I got my tooth
drilled out. I was one year old surviving on powdered
milk and honey. My tooth went black and the nerve died.
Going to tell my grandchildren honey is made the same
way as fancy wine. Like instead of stomping on barrels
of grapes, workers jump on piles of dead bees
and all that is left after an hour’s labour
is a puddle of honey. Workers
drunk on beesting venom
jar up the mess
with speechless hands
and no gloves.

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