Logical Fallacies of Alien

By | 1 May 2019

Ripley’s first failure was one
of generalisation: that one alien’s
elemental viciousness could be ascribed to all.

gambler’s fallacy
that the late acid savagery of
subsequent samples was similarly brutal
proved nothing. Repeatedly.

divine fallacy
the Giger-counter leap at intuition:
designed brutality, made monstrosities,
but evolution is its own hidden actor.

two wrongs make a right
after the Nostromo was scoured
and the crew had been killed by the alien, in turn
Ripley punched it into space. Wrong follows wrong.

slippery slope
but Earth must be saved: fragile teardrop,
one alien loosed there, like cognitive bias
becomes the seed of doom. Certainty from assumption.

appeal to emotion
smudged waif stalked by demon
and my favourite of the movies. Ripley rasping
get away from her, you bitch. My gut flips.

appeal to motive
psychopathic automaton, then self-sacrificing
robot helper, androgynous and anodyne companion,
homunculus hubris. Each robot different – all suspect.

false analogy
sleek futurism and vicious intent,
‘strong’ women battling impossible odds, but
Alien is not Terminator, Sigourney not Linda.

appeal to morals
in direct proportion to their moral infamy,
bit parts snatched into crawl spaces, darkness.
Death comes last to crims with golden hearts and innocents.

post hoc ergo propter hoc
was it in the misty unfolding of an egg, a cause
for all the disasters that ensue, that suffocating hand
or hidden machinations, the static SOS disturbing their sleep?

argumentum ad hominem
every time, she is Cassandra prophesying
but the three-movie deal was so good she made a fourth.
sometimes from the mouth of madness, sanity speaks.

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