Eddie Speaks

By | 1 September 2023

after Venom, the Movie (2018)

I sometimes wonder if I made you up – imaginary
friend who will say yes to all that should be no.

I sometimes wonder if you sprung from my worst –
the secret Id gnawing at the roots of the Ego.

In the tritest kind of movie, the audience discovers
that it was all a dream, a hallucinatory vision,

but this is an action movie, where injury has no
consequence, where impulse is a licence to kill.

You worm through the benevolent consensus
of my mind, staging your coups, setting up puppets.

Maybe you are the oldest fear learned at birth,
though I have never been truly hungry in my life,

nor ever hollowed by starvation, though you
move me like manic exhilaration after diagnosis.

If you are the voice of God, you are the insistence
of ecstatic possession, there is no room for worship.

If you are the small voice of my conscience, you are
Jiminy Cricket on Crack, vast megaphone of desire.

You thread in me, you thrive in me, I retreat.
I sometimes wonder if you made me up.

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