Poem for Sōng

By | 1 September 2023

I have been inconsistent.
My year is stuck 3 emails behind
& I am ‘professionalizing’ (don’t know
don’t care). In 2022

my therapist told me she hated Everything
Everywhere All At Once
& I thought,
‘so what’s the point of getting better??’

That’s a joke. It really did upset me, though.
Michelle Yeoh meets angel miss america
in their event horizon & nobody
says anything. Horror.

In 2019 I typed out 2 years’ worth of violent texts,
cast Ming Yang as me & my straight white doppelgänger
(he is cute) as the bad boy ex from Taiwan.
We named the play Jiangshi & no one under-
stood (or cared) enough to call it off 😮 😮

& sure Angels in… was better, but it was also
different. They say art’s not therapy but good
ethics is an art, & oops —

In 2016 the state theatre co staged part 1 & then forgot the more.
A museum in there. I’ve held my sneezes ever since.
So: back to non-existence.

When I meet Michelle Yeoh I’m going to tell her
that I ate a bag of wild berry Skittles every 3am
for weeks until the outdoor cinema I cried inside (or out).
Anything of me bears no relation, & yet —

is not this:

A) The bleeding void?
B) The martyred feathers of a continent??
C) The final chance for me to hop???

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