No-one Listened

I’ve lived for over forty years And Let me tell you that I could say Anything Anything at all And it wouldn’t matter To anyone Because no-one is listening And I could spell the letters of my words Aywnay and …

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Then, My father, Six foot two, Shoulders back And proud. With blazing hair Of orange gold And hands Like obliterators. He takes me In those quiet hours Not far, too far From sleep, Crosses me Across his chest, And sings …

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Spherical Aberration, One

Will we, again, call the disappeared space between two flesh communion, how synonymous the cormorant, plunged, hungry, is with the ocean, how confused the vision in the mirror with the unremitting glass or is distance forgotten as measure, the heft …

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Memories of a Revolution

1. Bandung Conference 1955 the non-aligned emerging nations a roar of post neo-colonialism a communiqué flourished in optimism Sukarno the conductor striking up an orchestra now enter a museum of flags 2. Borobudur 1959 Sukarno hosting Che Guevara Che a …

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Manky Bandaid Sandwich

Mammalian life trying hard not to exist as manky bandaid sandwich. The fillings that serve as the space between us, flesh echoes in the conversational cloud. Miry, like margarine, swan songs of a sensory condition that lies mute, inarticulate, in …

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The Poet and the Pig

Translated by Hedgie Choi The pig is dying. Because the poet is raising a pig they write pig-poems. The poet lays down hay for the pig and washes the pig and sleeps with the pig. The pig is nearing death …

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I have always been her I am not lost No blackened hour can nullify the dawn that broke, a thousand suns, inside me I have not bowed or if I did It was mere gratitude a surrender of arms; a …

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Dream# The Re/locations

verboten – buy love bulk I partly OCD the O part am feminine side overdue coming back manifestations unrest lady don’t laugh sayings with double meanings impeach forever overnight describes a dream into ontogeny this empty space of infinite depth …

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It swelled to palming of no higher design than the blind siphon of hues Three wide yellow bites of implied violence, then the red warp of the thing itself

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In 1956 a seven year-old boy takes the train from Manila to Dagupan to meet his mother, a hawker selling seasonal mangoes, woven slippers, and candied peanuts along side streets and church yards. At the bangketa – a spot which …

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The Five Stages of Grief

In the 1960s when Elizabeth Kübler-Ross was writing On Death and Dying NASA was preparing to fly an eagle to the moon. This was before Chernobyl before The Challenger exploded before Lindy looked down the barrel of a gun and …

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In the Field Someone Labels Bodies Discovered

A Chicken neck rolls down the hill while soup simmers on the boiler. Goats are found gutted, strewn around the field in patterns of bleeding. The sun bears down on limbs dismembered, animals scatter around what remains of remains. A …

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