Guillaume Apollinaire

3 Joseph Ponthus Translations

It is a rare thing indeed to be entrusted with the translation of such a startlingly original work as Joseph Ponthus’s À la ligne.

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Reading Apollinaire’s ‘Vendémiaire’

There are too many things to say about Guillaume Apollinaire’s ‘Vendémiaire’, and all of them must be said at once. The title is the name of the first month of the French Republican calendar (1793-1805; 1871), which was taken from the Latin vindemia, ‘grape harvest’. The common term in modern French, ‘vendange’, stems from the same Latin word. ‘Vintage’ technically expresses this sense in English, though it is unfortunately obscured by other ones. Another possible rendering is ‘The harvest month’.

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The Vintage | Vendémiaire

Translation of Guillaume Apollinaire. Please read ‘Reading Apollinaire’s ‘Vendémiaire’’ by Marty Hiatt. The Vintage People of the future remember me I lived during the eclipse of kings One by one silent and sad they died And such was their valour …

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