Marty Hiatt

Review Short: Bulky News Press Chapbooks from Andrew Pascoe, Chris Brown and Marty Hiatt

Words and phrases in Andrew Pacoe’s cones, emerge and float through the page’s whitespace like ‘vacuum packed clenches / listing downstream’. It seems that if you were to unfold this book, so that all the pages were arranged on the same plane, phrases would flow from their current position and create new combinations.

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a moving permanent con

a moving permanent con juncture moving in me daguerrotype sprite in 8bit landscape whose nails are flakes whose taut gauze of self with shit for thought sees other streamer ones graciously cut thru stone to relay what is common trying …

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otherwise we degenerates just bumble about. big holes still in my mouth. i also felt like there were just more weirdos getting around i cried multiple times i was so nervous i was almost falling over and could feel my …

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Danielle Collobert’s Survie

Danielle Collobert’s Survie is a sequence of six sonnetoid poems written and published in 1978 shortly before her suicide. The title is ironic: ‘survie’ means either the state of remaining alive after an event or in an environment that is normally fatal.

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blood & co.

certain trace elements remain stalked by monumental plastic bags the venal serpent has so many moving parts! but worrying about it is sound inspiration, featuring pannikin set on pate & talc on gormless elbow file some excess weight from the …

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Certain Trace Elements Remain (after Marty Hiatt)

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Drowning in Viscera (d) (after Marty Hiatt)

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beyond the ouroboros all the roads are parallel we lean out of windows at speed for love im not clever with the copula im a slumpy fuck feigning in the fen (worlds swallow worlds) they suggest a new facemask. wot …

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got sick and ached and forgot who i was was lost with my usual lunch haunts closed quit drinking discovered sarsaparilla fish n chips on the pier when the cool change hit desired bikes, awesome old racers guilt an essay …

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Reading Apollinaire’s ‘Vendémiaire’

There are too many things to say about Guillaume Apollinaire’s ‘Vendémiaire’, and all of them must be said at once. The title is the name of the first month of the French Republican calendar (1793-1805; 1871), which was taken from the Latin vindemia, ‘grape harvest’. The common term in modern French, ‘vendange’, stems from the same Latin word. ‘Vintage’ technically expresses this sense in English, though it is unfortunately obscured by other ones. Another possible rendering is ‘The harvest month’.

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The Vintage | Vendémiaire

Translation of Guillaume Apollinaire. Please read ‘Reading Apollinaire’s ‘Vendémiaire’’ by Marty Hiatt. The Vintage People of the future remember me I lived during the eclipse of kings One by one silent and sad they died And such was their valour …

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on paper, this was not New

but most of the whining, marine or democratic, carried some crazy morale and issued endless havoc and enough food for scurvy to sailors. bone and gristle at table bay. the fleet spared no one each week, made most tyranny stupid, …

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