Sam Langer

Tell Me Like You Mean It 3

In curating this chapbook I’m not sure I feel closer to answering these questions: certainly they are never stagnant … But I do feel closer to poetry’s resistance to answer these questions, which does circle back to some kind of answer to my last question – we return to poetry not because we have an answer, but instead return in a process of regeneration.

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Current Update

broken rocks tick in us brocken rock-tics in us and out us and around us and picture the light to us the pills, pils of a light hammering onto the mould inside us. how can i still be slinking around …

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Wasted Heaven

nautical, thrust grey at twilight on a rapid basis not of the tree that could be re-used pessimistically already & complete with entry-exit permit numbered summer comes a canned order squeezed onto prepositions your liver cancels near the earphones in …

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High Yet Old

it’s easy to be bad just ask me, anyone will show you how at sunset no-one’s asking that you slap a beggar at the trainstation & then leave, in the compartment, a hidden turd for others to macerate with seat- …

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Out the Window on the Northern Line

what you have to respond to with clueless purple clouds towards an airbrushed uluru on a wall in Parramatta, MOEK MOEK MOEK suddenly in a “foreign” country club bathroom again pointing your 1 wood at an olive-green peewall of suburban …

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Wandering through the Universal Archive

One of the sequences produced by the collaborative entity, A Constructed World, renders the phrases ‘No need to be great’ and ‘Stay in Groups’ in a range of media – silk-stitch, screen print, photography and painting. One of the painted versions of the image shows a naked woman covered in yellow post-it notes overseen by a hulking, shadowy male. These figures represent the artists Jacqueline Riva and Geoff Lowe. The image appears again in the form of a photograph and the installation was staged in various places around the world – as if the only way to get the message across would be to subject it to constant repetition in as many different formats as possible. Indeed, a number of the collective’s performances and installations attest to the impossibility of communication – even as these take the form of images that can’t fail to deliver. Avant Spectacle A Micro Medicine Show, 2011, features skeleton-costumed performers inexpertly singing and playing instruments while six knee-high wooden letters – S, P, E, E, C and H – burn like small condemned buildings at front of stage.

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Three Poems by Marty Hiatt and Sam Langer

home tunnel game approaching all get-out fried afternoon fright great wing of gulls as a clump of eyes in the mail sadness of cubes rejected their networking lens, nevertheless their reflex worlds that meet & part amber in the sky …

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circle of eagles

1. important to feel comfortable can I borrow a chair skin grafts collage? with nothing extraneous. extra news: the brow paper snake’s eating a space egg plot hatches & thickens ghost w/diarrhoea has its head in my eye cleft socket. …

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written in sydney

1. Looking for the unobstructed view a man with glasses and a chair-like stick untainted by settled heavier blueness a child reaches out to a chess-man I retell myself as coffee comes onto me nothing in the world matters more …

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Elements, Afternoon

Almost crying over a German memoir understandable, in that he was a great man, cooking kidneys & getting married. The backpackers line up to check their Facebooks, must learn to examine faces & not tits as much. A quiet little …

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sonata forms back

but who can tell europe room a porn clip would not require the french press the four crossed boulevard richard lenoir in two couples, steadily. why, in those two, the dead of night. coordinates missing presumed holiday study money the …

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the rabbit world where all wisdom is stored how it discovers an English guard over the Seine. Your lover has been made in Sri Lanka Venetian, vertical – screen your calls For the part about New York In the main …

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The European Manner of Crossing Legs

The money spider crosses a hand. You shut the door and open up the secret drawer, so hefty and loud your knees pop. We're beginning our descent into barbarism: sorry, it's conclusive since the windows filled with milk and the …

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Yonder in a grove surrounded with flowers There is an insect nourished by men at their own expense. O austere mathematics! O lamp of silver, my eyes discern you in the air Hear the thoughts of my childhood humans of …

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