sonata forms back

By | 1 December 2011

but who can tell
a porn clip would not require the french press

the four crossed boulevard richard lenoir in two couples,
steadily. why, in those two, the dead of night.

coordinates missing
presumed holiday

study money

the city. grave of the sippers

trees on their way to town

thought of the page spoiling

dough climbing
down the organs
to print dresses flush with bodies
express & yourself
by chairs
the door stopped

he stooped compared
to his fingernails

obligatory fields, obscurantist hair
i get trouble from the customs
officer for talking

carefully described hatred of towns flowing under the concrete steps.

a message comes over the tapestry
those are just some vices

all paintings in men are brothers

red heaven

follow like wax

planet fuck

life the frustration of living force,
said thru a kazoo

shofar practice

move from bungalow to salon
a little in the giant flow

don’t ask me when i am coming back to europe
but i will fly there on my spare copy of à rebours

neutral final

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