circle of eagles

By | 1 May 2012

1. important to feel comfortable can I borrow a
chair skin grafts collage? with nothing extraneous.
extra news: the brow paper snake’s eating a space egg
plot hatches & thickens ghost w/diarrhoea has its
head in my eye cleft socket. vacancy cut outs
cut out
dance round it stag beetle bat drawing on book
valley with machine guns. 2 heads better than I esp
when they are 1. vacancy jags holiday lion down
horses face melts traces a dough head. porcupine –
grey – in my head.

2. blue uncanny’s trotter emitting fence of dots → weaker
pastel head w/ breast imprint touching elderly black
smoke thicker fur of dots draped over b. miscloven
math pork chop sprays blue seahorse gauze 3 towers severed
hound by water & chlorophyll dropping into cormorant
w/ swollen breast wolf // cormorant from legs
under sheets one tenting other pointing oily
lightning of gloom & pasted on grocery bag
another corm. ejects → margin at westerly ballerina
leaping shadow of grey muscle

3. black cutout shows broken mickey elephant man.
blunt worm/black feathers & arrows eating slum flattered w/
red fossils & leaf skeletons
beige shape of difficult vague situation.
pool makes u-grey ice cubes
bowels of head, black thing dips its trunk, blocks
another lying leg. perfect almost.
nice creep, 2 heads, smoking, thinking, amid Caesar
ghosts. he? is lazy & has a furry friend, black
than he is.
warming middle patched forward temper
missed precise purchase fold crumpled apricot
coconut amber follow flow canberra paper
serious erupted capable precious forceful grouped
handled fitting responsive necrophiliac corrupt
cool short loose appearance trippy total laine
nacreous crooning deep shallow formless formful
farm charm chalk stalks trips creeps tepidity
focus squiggled lid trumpet tempest torment
topiary tropical tactical touching tumid garbled
gaping gusty hogad draped demystifying
depressed dusty/dusky borrowed

bronze shadows heaped.
after the final no.

Written at Amber Wallis’s painting show, Circle of Eagles, at Utopian Slumps, 2009.
 Typed by Corey Wakeling, with thanks. Last 2 lines taken from Wallace Stevens/head.

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