written in sydney

By | 1 May 2012

Looking for the unobstructed view
a man with glasses and a chair-like stick
untainted by settled heavier blueness
a child reaches out to a chess-man
I retell myself as coffee comes onto me
nothing in the world matters more than each other
but I kick against you & hold like two dots
an airbrush’s idea of human hair
independent sail you have no tact
knitting your own fingers in black
crocodile won’t apologise cat-eyed nor change
cardboard harassing paper in the street
three middle-blue squares pay the cheque
half the air is birds
Crossed out wait for me
I’m a dinosaur at the end of your arm
the crinkled brick subtracted us
Blotches and of a piece
near the trolley bars return key
Ford canvassing a star
you shoot a pipe from your arm
to which I held neither piece
gamble on this tracking away
into a bitter railway identity me
if it blinked like a key
it is a star

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