By | 1 May 2012

The view of the watery gardens suggested a truly
Verbal rosette. We see the world as a black and
White golf course. Constellations, like buttons on
Apollinaire. How much longer can we afford it?
We fall – in performance – in rose coloured costumes
shooooooooooooooorT Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaants
Leave your backpack and duty free gin with the
Luggage of the others. Now it’s too late to choose
Between a life of Christ: or of Buddha. I could hear the
Metal tearing but couldn’t see anything in the bathroom
CarrrrrrrrrrrrrrroT Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie
was the last thing I regretted about my
Gosh is not an Australian WORD
Let it wash into the sea SAID
The Australian GOD
So many WORD
from SYD
-ney. WORD
-s that APPEARED
slightly rusty. (It was actually BLOOD

T-Plane; white magic. We use a different number system
And believe that this has improved the area’s economy. It
Was a century. It produced a lot of songs. We learnt to draw
On the back of an owl without falling. Now we’re slowly edging
Towards Babel in reverse. With a lot less languages of course
k-T-Pp-t-k k-T-Pp-t-k
We walk more
Depend on phrases that we learn to cut from bark
The idea of the tower disappears

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