Three Trees

By | 1 November 2017


  1. I put the old apple pie at your roots
  2. I try to make you worth searching for, in the blah-
    blah forest
  3. But I’m not sure if I’m trustworthy / ranger material
  4. Digital harmony, now that’s something worth
    striving for
  5. You are prosaic, if I say so, like a pair of speaking
  6. Smelling nice, in season (a pathopoetics)
  7. I could go away for twenty years; maybe you’d still
    be there, wrinkled and yearning
  8. Or maybe you’d have a glass face, and a hoard of
    child porn 🙁
  9. Even then I’d not learn the chainsaw
  10. What’s this box of chocolates, the editor frowned
    coming upon your biography


  1. There’s a new tin of baking powder on the shelf
  2. To be left out in the rain, like a sapling, seemed
  3. Going to a medium, hoping to explore the minds of
    newspaper readers
  4. They have unpaid volunteers, well you know what I
    mean, to look after the garden now
  5. One of those nought or zero anniversaries
  6. A hedge, but only verbally
  7. Having removed emotion from the equation he felt
    rather like the sea; giddy
  8. See the shark tooth marks on the bark from the
  9. I haven’t blinked once while writing this
  10. Bringing the two together, as if stories in a thicket


John. A dense rich cake like a musical instrument
Are. As thin as a stork in a drought
Roots. To agree on reality without checking
Blink. Round and through, like you were just visiting
the circus on a whim, and not stuffed in the cannon
Matchbox. This will keep the viewers watching
2008. When Annette Bening had taken an option on the
graft, and its iterations of fruit
Disco. Not the original you: we’re taking some nutrients
away, and experimenting with replacing them, with
things we don’t know to be nutrients
Do. Oh, you also feel like it?
Garden. Feeling like the history of the holly, or
nasturtium, or microchip, and calling someone, or
inheriting something
Hollow. Returning to the old book, that your friend
liked, that your uncle left, so you’d believe in
something, that floats above the fabrication of
evidence, like blossom would, if there was no

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