Clotted clouds

1 November 2017

Black ribbed trees
Sky curdled with grief
Through avenues of mottled shadows and coiled liana
Yellow crowned parakeet, kakariki angels
Flow velocity into speech and vanish
Like drops where u of a fluid
Into tunnels is a vector field of u diamonds = u (x,t)
As night drops its veil giving the velocity
While of an element of fluid 
Bizarre flowers at a position perfume the blue filigree of our soul x
Green mosses cover debris of memories at time t
Bright fires where the flow in boudoirs,
Opaline evenings of speed q glances
At the rip is the length of the fabric
It’s the flow sweet velocity appointment, vector
The rain outside gone such that wind shaking
q = silent gestures || u ||
In swollen moments is a scalar field
With scintillant folds on lacy wings
Of Matariki starlight

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About Piet Nieuwland

Piet Nieuwland

worked on conservation management strategies for Te Papa Atawhai in New Zealand after training as a forester. His poems appear in many places including Landfall, Brief, Catalyst, Takahe, Poetry NZ, Pure Slush, Mattoid, Blue Fifth Review, Atlanta Review. He edits Fast Fibres Poetry, reviews poetry for Landfall Online Review and lives near Whangarei.

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