Freya Daly Sadgrove

Tell Me Like You Mean It 6

Once, I was sitting in my therapist’s office, and she asked me the question ‘Why do you write poetry?’ It’s a very good question; one with many answers, half of which I couldn’t articulate here. I responded to her with something like, ‘It helps me to understand my internal environment.’

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You love horses and I love you. Every time you see a horse on a screen you gasp. I’ve never seen you see a horse in real life but I have seen you see me, ☺. If I were a …

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Tell Me Like You Mean It 3

In curating this chapbook I’m not sure I feel closer to answering these questions: certainly they are never stagnant … But I do feel closer to poetry’s resistance to answer these questions, which does circle back to some kind of answer to my last question – we return to poetry not because we have an answer, but instead return in a process of regeneration.

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Tantrum in a Supermarket

     I’m somewhere pathetic when I finally crack like I’m at Laserforce or I’m patting a stranger’s dog or I’ve wandered into a vape shop by accident or I’m in the laundry items aisle      I crack and the crack goes right …

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