Dominic Guerrera

Dominic Guerrera on as First Nations Literary Editor

We are honoured to announce that Dominic Guerrea has joined Cordite Poetry Review as First Nations Literary Editor.

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Tell Me Like You Mean It 6

Once, I was sitting in my therapist’s office, and she asked me the question ‘Why do you write poetry?’ It’s a very good question; one with many answers, half of which I couldn’t articulate here. I responded to her with something like, ‘It helps me to understand my internal environment.’

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some sort of silence

have you ever grieved for yourself? for your inevitable end? or does panic set in i’m ok dad is in hospital again mum by his side i’m ok with feeling lonely again i feel my loneliest when sitting in grief …

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laundered winds

the theft of my brother and me reduced my mother’s heart to a faint pulse her natural right to nurture and raise taken as we were ripped away my brother got moved north taught to break in horses before they …

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