Graham Akhurst

Tell Me Like You Mean It 6

Once, I was sitting in my therapist’s office, and she asked me the question ‘Why do you write poetry?’ It’s a very good question; one with many answers, half of which I couldn’t articulate here. I responded to her with something like, ‘It helps me to understand my internal environment.’

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New York City

Living with my wife in Queens, we watched news and I tried to fail at prose, as I was taught, until something better gripped my trembling hands. The faces of my MFA peers were framed in sorrow. We had Friday …

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थाई | Thai

Translated from the English to the Devnagari by Ajay Navaria हम एक चमकती ढलती रात में तुम्हारे घर जाते हैं हम नहीं सोचते अपने मूलनिवासी होने के बारे में तुम एक नस्लभेद रहित लतीफा सुनाती हो जो तुमने सुना था …

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He sat in the cabin in the woods where he had fled to, because his mind was uneasy in the city. He enjoyed staring at the stars at night and the pang of hunger, which was new to him. He …

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