Graham Akhurst

Graham Akhurst is an Aboriginal writer and academic hailing from the Kokomini of Northern Queensland. He has been published in Mascara Literary Review, Westerly, Connect the Dots Journal for creative non-fiction, Australian Book Review, Cordite, VerityLa, Off the Coast (Maine America) for poetry. He also contributed to the Brisbane Poetry Map (2015) and was the poet of the week for the ABR in early April 2016. He has been a featured reader at the Queensland Poetry Festival and Clancestry. He was valedictorian of his graduating year and recently completed his writing honours with a first class result at the University of Queensland, and is currently enrolled in an MPhil of Creative Writing at UQ with an APA scholarship. He lectures and tutors Indigenous Studies at the University of Queensland.

थाई | Thai

Translated from the English to the Devnagari by Ajay Navaria हम एक चमकती ढलती रात में तुम्हारे घर जाते हैं हम नहीं सोचते अपने मूलनिवासी होने के बारे में तुम एक नस्लभेद रहित लतीफा सुनाती हो जो तुमने सुना था …

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He sat in the cabin in the woods where he had fled to, because his mind was uneasy in the city. He enjoyed staring at the stars at night and the pang of hunger, which was new to him. He …

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