Derek Chan

Notes on the After

– After Ada Limón Not how it all wintered into scraps of half-inked pear blossoms, nor how the pondwater never thawed in time for the lotuses to proclaim their succulence to the desperate Spring, it was the inscrutable loss of …

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[Immigration Interview: Chinese Exclusion Act 1882]

[Who paid for your passage?] The blood that burned the brightest was always the one we followed. [Is there a clock in your father’s bedroom?] While he slept, silver wheat grew from the sweat of his clothes. The morning always …

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A Day for Rain

“The EPA estimates that roughly 20,000 farm-workers are poisoned every year by pesticides, but because of many immigrants’ fear of reporting incidents and inability to seek medical care, the number is likely much higher.” It’s a terrible day for rain. …

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